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Lindane mid-edit

Lindane is an organochlorine … [mid edit]


And at this time, I will truly go insane;
my nervous system shot by the use of the lindane.
It is this lotion on my generation tested,
this time it’s gone too far, my body is infested.

– Infested: The Lindane Conspiracy Part 1 by NYC Punk/Ska band Choking Victim


Chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides, including heptachlor, chlordane, dieldrin and toxaphene are all potent GABR blockers, and although their use was discontinued in the United States between 1987 and 1990, their persistence in the environment and human tissues remains a concern. Several uses of lindane, a potent GABR blocker, continue, including control of head lice and scabies. A newer class of noncompetitive GABR antagonists, the 4-alkyl-1phenylpyrazols that include fipronil, is being used for both domestic and agricultural applications. This raises important questions as to whether heritable GABR deficiencies known to occur in children with autism confer heightened susceptibility to adverse responses produced by environmental exposure to GABR blockers.

– Isaac N. Pessah, Phd., “Can Environmental Toxicants influence Autism Susceptibility?”


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