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Natasha Campbell-McBride

Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride is a Russian-born neurologist and nutritionist and author of the book Gut and Psychology Syndrome. She lives in Cambridge in the UK where she runs a nutritional consultancy with a specialism in treating neurodevelopmental conditions such as ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, dyslexia, dyspraxia etc. Dr Campbell-McBride trained and worked as a neurologist before giving birth to her son who began to display the symptoms of autism. Given the contact of the late Dr Bernard Rimland of the Autism Research Institute she began to treat her son following Dr Rimland’s influential nutritional protocol and found that, contrary to the conventional pessimistic medical views of her colleagues, her son recovered rapidly. After this experience, Dr Campbell-McBride assiduously pursued a course of study in nutrition, having observed that her son’s digestion had never been right. Having done this she came to see the links between gut dysbiosis and autism and became convinced it was a causal link. Since that discovery, Natasha Campbell-McBride has worked hard to raise awarness of the significance of her research and published an influential book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome which in many ways advances the research of her acknowledged teacher, Dr Rimland.

“I believe that autism begins in the digestive tract, and it begins with damage to the gut flora in these children.. In our modern world we’ve got an epidemic of abnormalities in the gut flora.. what I find is that every mother of an autistic child has got deeply abnormal gut flora.” – Natasha Campbell-McBride in video with Donna Gates


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